What is a rental gallery?

The economic process of an artist is the creation and sale of his works of art. He lives from his creative effort. This process seems to be simple if his works have been commissioned by clients. On the other hand, finished art is not always easy to sell. In recent years, artists have resorted to renting galleries to promote their sale. These rental galleries evoke the economic leverage of the art market. What is a rental gallery? What advantages do they offer?

What is the rental gallery?

A rental gallery is a place specially designed to showcase works of art. It is accessible to a public of visitors. The works of art are exhibited temporarily or permanently and hung on the wall or placed on the floor. Several types of rental galleries exist:
  • The public art gallery is a transient exhibition space. There is no storage space. Thus, the works are new at each event.
  • The private art gallery is under the direction of a gallery owner. It ensures the promotion of an artist that it represents under contract.

Activities within a gallery

First of all, selling is one of the activities carried out within a gallery. The gallery owner's objective is to make artists known. Also, he advises the clients and helps them by inviting a target audience. Then, the promotion is ensured within the rental gallery. The gallery owner builds up his relationships and creates a network of enthusiasts to establish a good reputation. New artists are promoted and may have opportunities to launch their artistic career. In addition, it is possible to support projects or charities. To practice internationally, gallery owners participate in fairs and exhibitions abroad.

The advantages of the rental gallery

Leasing offers the possibility to find an interesting location. The commercial lease is protected for a period of nine years with three possibilities of change. Coworking is a popular type of rental for businesses that are careful with their savings. Also known as "white boxes," rental galleries are infinitely customizable spaces. In addition, leasing maintains a strong investment opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses. A growing company will certainly increase their staff. Renting suits their growth when they want to change to a place that will meet their business needs.
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