Passion for painting

A brief biography of Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol was part of the pop art movement. His first job was illustrating advertisements in fashion magazines. Today, he is known as one of the most influential artists who ever lived. Discover here the biography of Andy Warhol. Andy…

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Who are the clowns of Bernard Buffet?

The style evoked by Bernard Buffet in his works is easily recognizable when you discover all his achievements. This famous expressionist painter uses very few colors in his paintings. He also tends to show rather special worlds, both gloomy and…

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Online guide to ancient art

For European culture, antiquity is the period that begins with the birth of writing and ends in the political and religious turmoil of the Middle Ages. Many artistic cultures, especially the architecture we know (for example, public buildings) are inspired…

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Focus on the painter Jacques Truphemus

Jacques Truphémus is a French painter who produced a large number of works until his death in September 2017 in Lyon. He is the favorite painter of the Lyonnais. He left behind magnificent paintings on a wide variety of themes….

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