Focus on the painter Jacques Truphemus

Jacques Truphémus is a French painter who produced a large number of works until his death in September 2017 in Lyon. He is the favorite painter of the Lyonnais. He left behind magnificent paintings on a wide variety of themes.

Jacques Truphémus, 60 years of painting

This famous French painter was born in Grenoble in 1922. During his youth, he studied at the Champollion high school located in his hometown. In 1937, he started to paint and realized his very first painting. This one represents the Notre-Dame Church in Grenoble. To develop his talent, he entered the School of Fine Arts in Lyon. He had to stop his studies because of the Second World War, and also because of his health. Then, he left to live in Paris in 1947. He exhibited his first works with other painters at various salons. He got married in 1950 and multiplied his exhibitions and his meetings with other painters.  Several galleries such as the Monique de Groote Gallery, but also the Geneva Museum have acquired some of his paintings. In 1957, Jacques TRUPHEMUS received the Mediterranean Youth Prize. Since then, he has accumulated contracts, prizes and exhibitions. The very last one before his death at the age of 95 was in 2016, at the Galerie Claude Bernard.

The works of Jacques Truphémus

During his 60 years of activity, Jacques Truphémus has produced several hundred paintings. They have different themes, including landscape, still life and portraiture. His painting of northern landscapes is one of his most prized works. He also painted canvases inspired by Japan. The painter travelled there in 1970. He painted, among others, the Temples, the street of Osaka as well as the Bansaku Theater. In total, he has done 70 works on the country of the Rising Sun. During his stay in the Cévennes, Jacques Truphémus also created a few works translating his sensations: an open window with grass and hill in the background.

How much do Jacques Truphémus' paintings cost?

Like all works of art, Jacques Truphémus's paintings can be purchased at auction. In 2018, one of his paintings sold for over 50,000 euros. This price surge is due in particular to the recent death of the painter and to pay tribute to him, the bidders were particularly active. Other paintings featuring views of Lyon, green landscapes and intimate scenes... were also very popular.
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