Focus on one of the masters of contemporary painting: Pierre Boncompain

Pierre Boncompain is a painter recognized through his paintings. His paintings have been exhibited for years in Europe, particularly throughout France, the United States and Asia. He is respected by experts in the contemporary art world. Here is a zoom on one of the masters of contemporary painting called Pierre Boncompain.

His bibliography

Pierre Boncompain is one of the masters of contemporary painting. He was born in Valence de la Provence in 1938. His great works and paintings touch almost all types and styles of the contemporary art world. Married, he leads, because of his activities, an artistic life between Paris in his studio and Provence. The works of the artist Pierre Boncompain are recognized throughout the world. 

His great works around the world

Pierre Boncompain is recognised through his great works collected by private experts and public fans. His paintings show his rare and precious talents across the continents. Like the Song of Songs exhibited in 2018 in New York at the Franklin Bowles Gallery. Since 2010, his paintings have been exhibited in this gallery exclusively. Since 2000 until 2009, Museums and Art Galleries in Asia, America and Europe have been receiving and realizing exhibitions of his bathing paintings, figures, still lives showing contemporary art, drawn landscapes as well as ceramics and pencilled tapestries displaying his talents. His artistic career is impressive.

His artistic career

Pierre Boncompain has a particular artistic background. At the age of 19, he had already won the Drôme Regional Council Prize headed by Jacques Laurent in 1957. He was the valedictorian of the class that graduated from the National School of Decorative Arts in 1959. He was recognised as a future great artist in the Legueult workshop in 1963 after having passed the National Superior School of Fine Arts. In 1970, he was chosen for the Charles Prize at the Museum of Modern Art. In 1972, he was one of the residents of the Lourmarin Castle Foundation. He went on a cultural mission to India in 1977 with well-known French writers. In 1991, he had a retrospective exhibition at the Château de Chenonceau. The realization of a contemporary painting in New Jersey and in Shanghai Art Museum in 2000 marked his international artistic life. His name is engraved in Montélimar's well known Esplanade Pierre Boncompain.
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