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Can you get art appraised online?

When planning on if to purchase painting, it’s now possible to get art appraised online if you know where to look. From the comfort of your own home, you can use the internet to find out whether it’s worth it…

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Focus on one of the masters of contemporary painting: Pierre Boncompain

Pierre Boncompain is a painter recognized through his paintings. His paintings have been exhibited for years in Europe, particularly throughout France, the United States and Asia. He is respected by experts in the contemporary art world. Here is a zoom…

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The figurative art of Fran├žoise de Felice

Each painter is associated with particular styles, techniques and sources of inspiration. This is the case for Fran├žoise de Felice, an icon of Baroque painting and Impressionism. For connoisseurs and art enthusiasts, she is an artist with a strong reputation….

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Do you know Bernard Buffet’s sad clowns?

Easily recognisable by his unique style, Bernard Buffet’s pictorial style often reveals recurring themes. The sad clowns represent a large part of the expressionist artist’s work. They constitute a real paradox. Most of the characters drawn have a melancholic line….

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How to get your artwork appraised online?

If you own works of art, there are many reasons to have them appraised. The main purpose of having your artwork appraised is to determine the price. Before selling a painting, drawing, sculpture or print, it is necessary to have…

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