How to get your artwork appraised online?

If you own works of art, there are many reasons to have them appraised. The main purpose of having your artwork appraised is to determine the price. Before selling a painting, drawing, sculpture or print, it is necessary to have it appraised so that a fair price can be quoted at the time of sale. Also, when you take out insurance to protect your works, it is necessary to have them appraised so that you can be reimbursed in the event of theft or damage according to your insurance contract. So, you may be wondering how to estimate your artworks online.

Valuing a painting onlineĀ 

There are many ways to have your paintings, drawings, sculptures or prints valued. The easiest and quickest way is to estimate the value online. Specialists in the field will be able to give you the price of your property. These specialists include auctioneers or art experts specialising in the field. They will analyse your work of art to find out where it comes from and compare it with works that have already been sold. After a few days, you will receive an answer from these professionals in the field regarding the valuation of your work. You can visit Estades Gallery if you are looking for information about an online art valuation.

Why get a work of art appraised?

Having your artwork appraised is about knowing the origin of the piece, its market value and its authenticity. After an estimate, you will know the technique used to create it and its origin. You will then be able to place your property on the market according to the price of the piece. You have the choice of selling your work of art at auction or on classic sales sites. There are many advantages to estimating your work of art online. You will be able to benefit from a free and quick estimate. All you have to do is send a complete and detailed description of your work of art and take photos.

Methods of having your works of art appraised

You can then contact an auctioneer at an auction house to have your work of art appraised. After the valuation, he will give you a price for your piece as well as a certificate of authenticity for it. He will also be able to register your work in the public auction catalogue. If necessary, he can come to your home to carry out a more in-depth study of the valuation of works.
Can you get art appraised online?
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