5 art galleries not to be missed in Paris

Contrary to some preconceived ideas, art galleries interest many people. They are also among the places that cannot be ignored during vacations and other trips. Are you a culture buff who wants to know the best art galleries in Paris? Here are the 5 art galleries not to be missed in Paris.

Galerie Estades and Galerie Arts Factory

Galerie Estades Paris is not only one of the best art galleries in Paris. It is famous in the world for the works of Bernard Buffet that are exhibited there. The Galerie Arts Factory, on the other hand, presents many of the world's most beautiful works of graphic art. Children and all fans of comics and cartoons will certainly find their happiness there. Its exhibition space is spread over several floors to allow everyone to take their time during the visits. You can also find in this place organized meetings with the artists, workshops for all ages as well as some small concerts in small groups. Note that this gallery, unlike the others, allows you to discover artists and music groups with whom you can eventually collaborate.

The Slow Galerie and Les Douches La Galerie

The best art galleries in Paris are countless. Among them are notably the Slow Galerie and Les Douches La Galerie. You will discover at these addresses very diversified works. The decor will not leave you speechless. From the outside alone, it will capture your attention. At the Slow Galerie, you will find silk-screen prints by young artists. Poetic works are also exhibited, as well as colorful prints and engravings of all kinds. The Les Douches La Galerie, for its part, offers you exhibitions centered on the contemporary photographs. You will also be able to see some old relics, namely a shower of the 30s still in working order.

The Perrotin art gallery

Galerie Perrotin is one of the best art galleries in Paris. It is present on three continents, each hosting regular exhibitions. It is a contemporary gallery located at 76 rue de Turenne, in the heart of a private mansion and unrecognizable among all.  In this unique place, you can discover artists as talented as each other. You will be able to see some works of the famous Maurizio Cattelan. You can go to the city's website to check the opening hours. You can find other interesting information about the gallery and upcoming exhibitions.
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