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Passion in art!

Art is a passion offering numerous physical and spiritual advantages. In order to appreciate its beauty, visiting an art gallery to appreciate an exposition of artwork, paintings, drawings or sculptures remains the best alternative.

The Bernard Buffet’s artwork specialist

The Online gallery

The Bernard Buffet’s artwork specialist

An art gallery is dedicated to conserve, expose and sell artworks. In addition, it helps connecting the two main players of the art market, namely artists and their fans, artworks and collectors or potential buyers, art and art enthusiasts.

Certain expositions and Parisian art galleries evolve following a precise theme, style, or certain famous artists of a definite era of the art history. Therefore, the Estades gallery mainly takes interest in contemporary art. It brings together modern artists’ works and figurative-contemporary art dating from the 1950s up to nowadays.

What’s an artwork?

How to define an artwork?

An artwork is an object, an aesthetic or artistic creation born from the fertile imagination of an artist. An artwork can, therefore, be a painting, sculpture, drawing, photograph, performance, etc… When observing the specific used techniques, each artwork belongs to a certain era, trend, or art movement.



Among artworks, we may cite photography; a set of methods and techniques allowing to save an image thanks to certain devices.



Sculpture is a well-known art activity consisting of creating different forms and art objects through modeling, carving, assembling or welding.


Painting also includes multiple techniques, such as oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor painting; which finally gives the product of a painting.

Plastic arts

Plastic arts

Plastic arts comprise multiple art activities or practices. Sculptors, plastic artists, painters, contemporary artists among others practice plastic art.

Mobile art gallery


Mobile art gallery: art in everyone’s reach!

Imagine a moving gallery transporting art anywhere, a concept gaining more reach with Mobile art. Indeed, this consists of applying modern technologies to access art.

Whether it is photography, filming, illustration, music, paintings or drawings, art can be transferred through multiple devices and tablets. More details on


When art galleries go virtual!

Art can no longer be contained within the exposition hall’s four walls. Since now, the virtual art gallery concept is expanding in the digital world. Thanks to these virtual art galleries, in just a few clicks, collectors and art amateurs of each genre can now observe modern masters’ artwork, contemporary artists’ or famous artists of this era.

Buying artworks online is more and more gaining accessibility. Indeed, virtual art galleries facilitate the selling and estimation of the artwork.


Modern art, museums and galleries

We can sense a contrast between modern art and the yesteryear’s artistic domain through the previous unexploited contemporary masterpieces. In order to appreciate its beauty and finesse, art galleries and expositions open their doors for the grand public.

Contemporary art of all styles

The proliferation of contemporary artworks has blessed our days with multiple art styles. Figurative art, alongside others, has evolved to make way for street art. This art has expanded up to interior spaces in the form of decorative art such as oil painting, watercolor painting or crayon drawing.

Antique art, paintings’ reproduction

The reproduction and copying of antique artworks has permitted not only novice artists to practice painting, but also conserving and protecting original artworks. The monumental artworks’ replicas and variances are also adapted according to the art collectors’ needs.


A great idea for art enthusiasts!

The passion for art is not only limited to the contemplation and comprehension of famous artists’ artworks or contemporary masters. Art can definitely be a lucrative domain, provided that the amateur artist masters the painting, sculpting or whatever artistic activity’s techniques, more details on

The idea here consists of conserving authentic masterpieces which may attract the attention of the art galleries dedicated to selling artworks. Else, the amateur painter may indulge himself to the reproduction of famous artists’ paintings, destined for art collectors.



Painting is subdivided to various pictorial styles,
giving birth to different artistic genres

Religious art

Religious art regroups the representations of diverse religions’ figures and iconic scenes.


This genre consists of representing inanimate objects and living beings such as fruits, flowers, music instruments, etc…


A portrait is the illustration of a real person through painting, drawing, printing, etc…

Art passion

Art collectors: passion for artwork!

Art collectors vow an exceptional passion for ancient, rare, authentic, and high-value artworks. This passion often starts within a heartbeat. But, with time passing by, this passion gets more specific; as an example, the art collector’s attention becomes dedicated to a certain artistic movement or certain well-known artists. Becoming an art collector also unlocks a new window to the world, making unexpected encounters in museums and art galleries, but also helps acquiring a certain “savoir-faire”, concerning the value of a painting, as an example.